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Thornewood Castle Inn and Gardens


Thornewood Castle, a magnificent English Tudor/Gothic style mansion, sits on 4 acres at a beautiful American Lake in Lakewood, WA.

It has been a location for several films. The most known, perhaps, is Stephen King's ABC TV mini-series Rose Red.

Is the castle haunted? It seems to be.

I made a brief one night visit to the castle to see if it truly has any spirit activity.

Anna's Suite is said to be the most haunted room, where people have seen her by the window looking out at the garden. Unfortunately it was not available, so I stayed at the Lord Byron's Attic Suite. I do not recommend it on a hot day!

According to psychic medium Jane Stewart of Ghost411 podcast, who does distant reviews of the locations I visit, there was a tweenish dark haired boy ghost wearing dated clothes in the hall way at Lord Byron's Suite. He had brown knickers with socks and dark shoes. He may make lots of noise by running or stomping, however he is a bit shy.

Psychic medium Jennifer VonBehren saw a young female ghost standing in the room with a fireplace, who also seemed a bit shy.

It seems that the ghosts at the castle like to keep to themselves and let the people enjoy their visit.

I did not get any responses at Lord Byron's Suite.

Distant reviewing the whole castle, Jane picks up 2 female ghosts. The younger one has a white flowing night gown, robe and slippers on, and she is carrying a candle.

The gray haired older female ghost had her hair pulled back in a tight bun. She is a slight woman with a dark or black dress. She gives off a servant or matronly vibe.

Jane believes that both Anna Thorne and her daughter Anita are present, based on their energies.

It is very possible that the boy ghost Jane sees is Anna's son Edwin, who passed at age 14.

I was able to get responses on the voice recorder from the following rooms: Chester's Suite, Game room, Movie room, "Prayer" room, Ball room, Great Hall and Library. Edwin's name came up twice.

Jane felt that there was a female ghost in several rooms, as ghosts do roam.

Chester Thorne, Anna's Husband, has a different energy from Anna and Anita. It would seem that lot of the sightings of him are possibly residual energy, as is the case for the "parties" in the Great Room.

When asked if Chester was the ghost that responded on the voice recorder in Chester's room, the answer was yes.

Jane picks up a male ghost in the castle as well, but it may be Major General David C. Stone, based on his energy.

Jane felt that the staircase in the Great Room has activity as well as the kitchen.

A walk thru' with a psychic and an actual investigation would give more details on who really is still in the castle.

For more history of the castle read under the photos!

To see more photos of this location, click on the link below.


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