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Ghosts at Fairmount Memorial Park


Fairmount Memorial Park, overlooking the Spokane River, was established in 1888 as Fairmount Cemetery. Not only is it one of the oldest cemeteries in Spokane, but one of the most beautiful ones. It is also a popular recreational area for many.

During a visit to the park, Jane Stewart and Stacy Bushnell{ psychic mediums of Ghost411 podcast} picked up several ghosts.

Jane saw a dark haired male ghost in his 30's or 40's walking the grounds. She believed that he was there to visit his wife's or daughter's grave, possibly. The little girl was buried in a blue dress, as she liked blue. Jane felt that one or both of them possibly died of an illness.

Jane also saw a German Shepherd looking ghost dog, that she believed was a military or a police dog.

There was also a younger female ghost who was possibly visiting someone's grave.

I met up with Jane at the park to see if we can connect with any of the ghosts she saw.

The male ghost was still there walking the grounds, but there was also a dark complected heavier set male ghost with glasses at another section.

Jane didn't pick up the younger female ghost or the ghost dog, but she picked up an older female ghost at another area. Jane felt that she was visiting her mother's grave, but her own grave was in another part of the cemetery.

This cemetery is very active, it seems. I was able to get many responses on the voice recorder.

The picture that I posted as a preview to this post was taken on the day of my visit with Jane.

As I said on the post, zooming pictures can create images that are not there. Some people see 3 ghosts in it, where others see 2 or 1. Most people see a German Shepherd dog in it.

Is it a coincidence, or could it be the ghost dog Jane saw?

Is it all just pixels and shadow play? Is there a little girl and a child behind a tree? Maybe. You decide.

To see more photos of this location, click on the link below!


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