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Haunted USS Salem

To see more photos from this location, click on the link below:

USS Salem "The Sea Witch", the worlds last remaining heavy cruiser commissioned in 1949, is now a part of the U.S. Naval Shipbuilding Museum docked at Quincy, MA. In addition to several museum exhibits. you can find ship models and sailor's memorabilia inside the ship. During its 10 years of service, USS Salem sailed the Atlantic and the Mediterranean participating in Naval activities and serving as a flagship. It carried important people from time to time and participated in relief work after the 1953 Ionian earthquake. It had the worlds first automatic 8" guns that used cased ammo. USS Salem can be seen in Hollywood screen in movies such as "The Battle of the River Plate" and "The Finest Hours" . It has also been investigated by the Ghost Hunters crew. Many know it as the scariest haunted house in Massachusetts. During my trip to the east coast event hosted by the web show crew Haunt Me, I made a stop at the USS Salem. I had a psychic medium Jane Stewart, one of the founders of podcast, distant review the ship for me. According to her, some of the male crew members never left. I found that to be true ,as I was able to get responses on my voice recorder in several areas of the ship; in particular on the deck, the Anchor room, the operating room,the sick bay, below in the sleeping areas and some weaker responses in the dining area and what seemed to be the control center. People have seen apparitions of a sailor and caught voices and unexplainable noises on their voice recorders. The anchor room is said to be haunted by an old ship volunteer called John, as he died there. Those of you travelling in the east coast or if you live in the area, USS Salem is open on weekends. I suggest however to go there, when it is cooler outside

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