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Walker-Ames House in Port Gamble, Washington

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We joined Lindsay Senter from the Senter Stage Events and Chad Lindberg in September for an investigation at the beautiful Walker-Ames House in Port Gamble, WA.

The Walker-Ames House is one of many old houses in this old mill town, that was created by the Puget Mill Company.

The original house was destroyed in a fire in 1885 and replaced by the current house in 1888.

It was occupied by Mr William Walker, who was the master mechanic at the mill, his wife Emma and their daughter Maude, who married Mr E.G. Ames, the resident manager and later the general manager of the mill.

After the mill closed, it sat empty until around 2003, when it was used for weddings and events.

It has also been used as part of a set for movies such as " ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction" and "Squatter" and "Empty Coffin" book series and a novel called " The Ghost from Nowhere".

Today, it is part of the Ghost Tour and a paranormal investigation location run by Pete Orbea of the Port Gamble Paranormal . According to Pete , the Walker-Ames house is said to be the most haunted house in WA.

It certainly has had its share of paranormal activity over the years. In fact several spirits still call it home. Amongst them are Mr. Ames, a little girl called Annabelle, a female spirit and several other children. Disembodied footsteps can be heard, voices,noises, people getting touched, faces in the window, curtains moving and apparitions are just a few of the "normal" things that occur in the house.

A worker from a business across the street saw a little boy sitting on the floor drawing with a piece of chalk on the wall. The staircase and the 2nd floor seem to be the more active areas of the building, but the basement, the attic and some other rooms have also had activity.

The house was used as a hospital in 1920's, so residual energy can be found as well in most of the buildings in this town.

According to psychic Jane Stewart, there is a female spirit in the house, who is wearing a long,dark dress with her hair pulled back in a bun and parted in the middle. She is in her 30's or 40's. She also sees an image of a boy with a curly light brown hair, who is wearing shorts, socks, shoes and a little jacket. There is also a man, who she believes may be Mr. Ames. She sees him with an ax possibly chopping wood.

The female spirit is a very prominent figure in this house as well as the child. She also hears a word " Drowning " .

During our investigation with Chad Lindberg, there were several responses on his Phasma Box by children, male and female spirits. People got touched in the attic and someone saw a black mass, 3 to 4 feet tall. In the basement , those who were sensitives , felt sadness. Pete believes that there was possibly a child once that was kept there and a darker entity. Women seemed to be affected mostly in the basement.

Up in the attic, there are several toys, that are left for the child spirits to play with. One of the electric toys turned on by itself during our session.

We caught a possible face on one of the windows facing the museum. It looks like a man with a mustache.

A big thank you to Lindsay Senter,Chad Lindberg and his family and Pete Orbea for a great event.

Walker-Ames house is definitely haunted.

Pete Orbea and the Port Gamble Paranormal will be hosting a Paranormal Conference this November, during which there will be investigations of some locations, including the Walker-Ames House. Check out their website for more info. Pete is a wonderful tour guide as well so I do recommend taking one of his ghost tours. They are 25 dollars per person for 3 hours and he has a lot of great stories to tell.

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