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Geiser Grand Hotel

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Geiser Grand Hotel is located in what is known as the "finest historic downtown in the NW." The Historic District of Baker City, OR has over 130 buildings, ranging from the 1870's to 1915, that were added on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978. We, along with Becki Marks[S.L.A.S.H.], Grace Altman[S.L.A.S.H}, medium Jennifer VonBehren, and her hubby Eric VonBehren, joined the Boise based paranormal team, "Big River Paranormal" [formerly the I.P.R.G], who does monthly public investigations at the Geiser, for an investigation at the Geiser Grand. To see their evidence from Geiser and other places, go to their website at They are a great group, and they all did a great job. During our 2 night stay, we stayed in rooms 302, 303, 304, and 311. 311 was the only room where we were able to get any EVPs. We caught a female voice, and Jennifer picked up a female spirit in the left corner of the room. She also heard laughing. Jennifer felt that there are several female spirits on the 3rd floor. Could it be, because it was once where the ladies of the night used to be? Grace and Becki also kept hearing knocking on their door in 311, yet no one was at the door. Was it maybe a male client looking for some good times? Becki also caught sounds of someone walking in the room. In 302, Becki heard walking around her bed at night. This is the beautiful cupola suite that belonged to Maybelle Geiser at one time. It is said to be the room where jewelry gets rearranged by the spirit. Is the famous "Lady In Blue" responsible? She has been seen on the staircase, and by the railing above the dining area. Jennifer felt that the spirit in 302 is not consistent. Something has to trigger her to show up, such as noise from the jewelry. Becki also heard arguing from room 303, when everyone was asleep. Jennifer heard talking and banging from 304, when no one was in it. People hear music, laughing, and partying on the 3rd floor in the empty rooms. The hotel has a lot of Residual Energy. We picked up no activity in the 2nd floor Library area, but those who were sensitive seemed to feel sick there, and Jennifer got an instant headache each time upon entry. Some of us also felt cold by the 2nd floor staircase, and down in the basement by the dryers. We found no explanation for it. In the basement by the cellar room, we did an EVP session. We picked up a very talkative 9 year old blonde girl spirit, whose name was Bethany. She was there with her mother. They were from the east coast, and on their way further, but her dad was hung for helping someone, and they ended up staying in Baker City. We have video footage of that session. Across the cellar room, Jennifer and Becki saw the women's bathroom handle wiggle on its own. In the cellar room, Jennifer saw a short and smelly Chinese man. We had a group session in the basement by the dryers, where some poor soul had hung himself. By using the flashlight, the spirits confirmed that there was one male, and one female there with us. We also asked the spirit to lower the temperature on the EDI meter from 77 to 70, and he did. We did not capture any EVP's during that session, but we got it on video. We also did a session in the women's bathroom, and caught 2 female voices. In the "Queen Room," Jennifer saw a male and a female spirit. In the kitchen, people have seen apparitions, shadows, heard noises, and seen dishes move. Jennifer was in the kitchen alone, and suddenly some dishes fell. We caught movement sounds on her voice recorder. A former chef, who got decapitated by the dumbwaiter, is said to haunt the kitchen. During our group investigation, I walked into the kitchen area, and as I turned the corner, I saw a tail end of someone, part of an ankle and a black shoe, disappear into a wall. In the back of the bar area by the dumbwaiter, Jennifer and another lady in the group heard and felt a man behind the wall. He said he was trapped in there. Geiser Grand is definitely a paranormally active place with noises, shadows, apparitions, and lots of residual energy. We did not encounter anything negative. As the owner says, " the spirits are fun and friendly." She is right.


Geiser Grand Hotel [originally called Hotel Warshauer] was built in 1889, after gold was discovered at Griffin Gulch in 1861, and the Oregon Short Line Railroad came into town in 1884, bringing more people. This Italianate style building had electricity, and an elevator called "Otis." It was the 3rd of its kind, west of the Mississippi River. The first one was in Colorado and the second one was at the Del in San Diego, both still in use. You can see the Geiser original "Otis" at Eastern Oregon Museum in Haines. The hotel name was changed to Geiser Grand in 1902, after the new owner, John Geiser. It had a wine room in the basement, that also led into tunnels leading to China Town and to the brothels. The 3rd floor was also used by the ladies of the night. There was gambling, drinking, parties, and music galore. Geiser Grand was the place for the rich. In 1910, the mining dried out. Geiser Grand was used as a hospital for a brief time during WWII. After the war, it resumed as a hotel again, but it was starting to deteriorate. In 1968, a movie crew came into town to film " Paint Your Wagon" in the area. After they were done, Geiser Grand closed its doors. After sitting empty for years, Geiser Grand was facing demolition, to make room for a parking lot. Fortunately, the hotel was bought in 1993, by Barbara and Dwight Sidway. After spending millions on repairs, Geiser Grand opened its doors once again in 1998. The Sidways did an amazing job in restoring this old gem back to its original shape. It has crystal chandeliers in each room, a beautiful replica stained-glass ceiling over the 2nd floor and the dining area,120 handmade windows, 27 Murano glass light fixtures, and 30 large guest rooms. The Cupola Suite is a must stay. The staff is nice and helpful, and the food at the Palm Court Restaurant is delicious. A History Tour, led by Dennise "Denny" Grosse, is a must. She is a great story teller, and a sweet old lady. You can find nice souvenirs at the gift shop in the lobby. Geiser Grand is a must visit hotel, from near or far. There is no better time to do it than August 21st, as Oregon is on the path of totality of the solar eclipse.

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