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Inland Empire Tours: Kirtland Cutter & Glover Mansion Lunch

To see more photos from this location, click on the link below:

We, along with our friends: psychic Jennifer VonBehren and her hubby Eric, joined Dick Jensen, the owner of Inland Empire Tours, on Valentine's Day for another great tour. It was not a ghost tour, but a very informative tour of some of the great Kirtland Cutter mansions, that just happen to have paranormal activity, or so they say. Dick is super nice, funny, very knowledgeable, and the best bus driver I have ever seen. It was worth the money just to see him maneuver his bus in oh so tight parking lots etc. filled with snow piles and cars. We toured 3 great Kirtland Cutter mansions: J.P Grave's Waikiki House[ Bozarth Mansion], The Glover Mansion, and Patsy Clark's Mansion. The tour also included a stop at the Flour Mill's Chocolate Apothecary. We were served the most wonderful lunch at the Glover Mansion, where we were joined by Robert SIngletary, a historian from Coeur D'Alene, who grew up in GA and FL. Robert is a very knowledgeable historian who gives a lecture series at the Coeur D'Alene Public Library, in conjunction with the museum. We also had the pleasure to listen to some great stories told by John Richards, whose great grandfather was Patsy Clark. John has written books about Patsy Clark, and is finishing yet another one. We only had time to tour 3 mansions on this trip, but Dick drove by several Kirtland Cutter buildings for us to see. Did you know that in every Kirkland building you will find a peacock design somewhere? For example, the Peacock Lounge in Davenport Hotel. If you are interested in Cutter designs, this tour is for you. Well done Dick!!!

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