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Ghosts at St. Thomas Cemetery


Catholic St. Thomas Cemetery, located in Coeur d' Alene, ID, was founded in 1890.

Although it is located next to a fairly busy road, it has a peaceful feel to it.

The cemetery committee has done a great job fixing it up and adding beautiful statues and a wonderful shrine, built in 1991, to the cemetery. They also added QR codes to make it easier to find a grave.

The earliest burial dates back to 1890.

Psychic medium Jane Stewart from pod cast was drawn to this cemetery driving by so I met her there to see why.

Before we entered the cemetery, Jane already got chills , which usually means that she is right and there is a strong energy there or is very close to her. She picked up a dark haired male ghost dressed in all black. She felt that he was a priest. He was not happy for some reason and did not like a psychic being there . Jane had to ask him to keep his distance as his energy was very heavy. He would answer me when I asked questions with a voice recorder. He confirmed that he was a Catholic priest. I was not able to understand as to why he was there.

Jane also picked up a little girl ghost with a short light hair around 6 years old on the other side of the cemetery, that seems to be the section for babies and children.

It is quite sad how many babies are buried there.

I recorded child, male and female voices on my voice recorder .

This cemetery seems to be active.

When visiting cemeteries, please be respectful and leave things as they were

To see more photos of this location click on the link below.


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