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Forest Cemetery


Forest Cemetery a.k.a. Fort Sherman Cemetery, located in Coeur d'Alene, ID, was owned by the U.S. Army at Ft. Sherman from 1878-1901. The remains of all but one soldier, Timothy Shea, and their family members buried there were transferred to Ft. George Wright in Spokane.

The cemetery acreage today includes the original acre of the 'Old Post" cemetery, and it is marked with a sign.

Some gravesites have a brick marker with "unknown" on it, to mark the graves from the brief time period, when no burial records were kept.

I made a brief stop at this cemetery with psychic medium Jane Stewart from podcast.

She picked up an older female ghost with glasses and a hairnet wearing a blue outfit. She was moving around and not interested in talking. Jane also saw a male ghost in another section, who was not responding to us either.

Nevertheless I was able to get several responses from different areas of the cemetery during my self guided historical walking tour .

I highly recommend doing the historical tour as it has a lot of interesting information about the people, who were important in the history of Idaho and otherwise.

You can print the tour guide online . I recommend using a compass for directions.

To see more photos of this location click on the link below.


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