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Ghosts of Kalispell Grand Hotel

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Kalispell MT was platted and founded in 1891 by a civil war veteran, businessman and a banker Charles Conrad and incorporated as a city in 1893. Even thought the city started as a railroad town, it didn't turn into a ghost town, unlike many other towns,once the railroad line was moved. The town prospered as a trade and financial center with people from all over the world settling in the area. There is no lack of history in the city of Kalispell, in fact, you can find 4 historic districts within its city limits. As we know, history and ghost stories go hand in hand. In most towns such as this, you can find paranormal activity in many of the buildings. If you ask the locals, they will tell you stories about The old Courthouse, The Opera House,The Conrad Mansion and The Kalispell Grand Hotel to name a few. Kalispell Grand Hotel was built in 1912. It was leased and managed by a known writer Frank Bird Linderman from 1924 till 1926. Guests such as artist Charlie Russell and author Irwin S Cobb visited the hotel. As ownership of the hotel changed, so did the hotel. After few renovations it now has 40 rooms , all with private baths. The staff is very helpful and friendly and the rooms are clean and comfortable. Front desk employee Ellie Suda has heard many stories from the guests about paranormal activity that they had experienced. The activity seems to be mostly in the hallways on the 3rd floor. One must remember however, that just because someone has an experience in a certain room, that doesn't mean anyone else will. Spirits travel and some come and leave with the guests. Ellie Suda remembers the hotel being more active before the remodel. She has seen a little boy ghost on the 3rd floor hallway, who loves to play hide and seek. He also likes to play with the resident dog Buddy. According to Psychic Medium Jane Stewart, one of the founders of podcast, the little boy comes from the upper floor of the building 2 doors down, that houses the Sassafras store and a lawyers office. He has a sister, who sometimes visits the hotel as well. I stayed in room 305 and decided to use a ping pong ball as a trigger object to see if the kids want to play. They did and I will post a video clip of the session along with this post. I was also able to capture male and female voices on my voice recorder in the room and by the room 304 hallway. People have reported seeing a couple in this area . One of the male ghosts might be called Patrick. According to the psychic, there are several ghosts in the Kalispell Grand Hotel. One of them is a cowboy in his 20's, he is all decked out with belt buckles and all. Jane gets an impression of a gunshot death. She also hears the word brothel. With saloons and card rooms along comes the ladies of the night. She sees a blonde female lady, who seems to be wearing what looks like undergarments. The psychic also picks up 3 other male spirits and another female spirit. They are closer to the front of the building area. We did not come across any dark energies at the hotel. As a gateway to the Glaciers, a stop at this old historic town is a must and do check out the museums and stop at the Kalispell Grand Hotel for a delicious cookie and breakfast before you continue on your journey. I want to thank the staff of the Kalispell Grand Hotel, The Visitors Center, The Central Museum and the Chamber of Commerce for all their help.

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