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Ghosts at the Moran Cemetery

To see more photos from this location, click on the link below:

Moran Cemetery on 65th and Regal was established around 1889 and named after Joseph Moran(1824-1889}.He was one of the first ones to be buried there. Few graves were also moved from the Cannon Hill Cemetery in 1889 to the Moran Cemetery. There is quite a long list of people who are buried here, but unfortunately it doesn't list all the graves. It seems to be a common belief that all cemeteries are haunted. This is not the case however,but there are some that can be added to that category. Psychic medium Jane Stewart has passed by this cemetery quite often and each time she felt drawn to it. I met her there to see what could be the draw. Even tho this cemetery is quite open and doesn't have the creep factor like some cemeteries do, to Jane it felt creepy and the energy was off. As soon as she entered the cemetery ,she could hear a voice of a teenage girl saying " I'm so cold. I wanna go home." She saw a pale ,grey skinned blond girl, who looked sick. She told Jane that her parents had buried her there. For some reason she had not crossed. As we were talking about the possible name for her , I picked up a male voice saying " Katherine". Unfortunately I was not able to identify who the girl was. There was also a male spirit ,who was very eager to speak to us using the flashlight. He had not crossed either for some reason and both seemed to be in need of assistance. Sometimes spirits get confused and need help to move on or guidance. Jane did her best to help both of them ,after which the energy in the cemetery changed for better. My voice recorder also picked up a female voice answering my question on how she died, but it is hard to confirm the cause of death in most cases for someone from the 1800's, without contacting the living relatives of these people to see, if they have any documentation on this individual. We went back to Moran Cemetery for a 2nd visit later and I caught several male voices as well. As I walk by the war veterans graves, I always thank them for their service and many times I hear "thank you" on the voice recorder ,as they still appreciate the gesture. Jane picked up another female spirit on her 2nd visit , who used to live near the cemetery and frequents her sons grave here. She knows he is not there, but it brings her comfort as she can't let go. She is not ready to cross yet for whatever reason. She was not buried at the Moran Cemetery. She lost her son when he was young and Jane felt like she died of a broken heart. These stories are but a few of many. Sometimes these lost souls just need someone to hear their story and listen to what they have to say, before they are ready to move on. Jane is no longer drawn to this cemetery. The energy now feels light and peaceful

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