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Ghost activity by 1000 Steps

To see more photos of this location, click on the link below:

I returned to 1000 steps at the Greenwood Memorial Terrace with Ghost411 psychics Jane Stewart and Stacy Moore and the crew from Spokesman Review as the activity, according to Jane, had increased since our last visit in 2015. I found that the condition of the steps has not improved however, so night time visits are not recommended nor allowed for that matter. You can find several ghosts still roaming about during the day. There were 2 male spirits and a female spirit by the old mausoleum. All the spirits seem to wander , however one of the male spirits still seems to stay around the mausoleum area by the steps. West of the mausoleum, Jane saw an oriental male spirit by the Japanese section. Little ways from there Jane picked up 2 other male spirits, one an older man with grey hair and the other a tall man with white hair and blue jeans. Stacy picked up another female spirit close to the same area and Jane saw a little red headed girl as well. We were able to communicate with the female spirit and 2 of the male spirits. There are spirits in several other areas of the cemetery as well for those who are interested in trying to communicate with them. The stairs itself do not seem to have much activity. If you decide to venture out to 1000 steps this Halloween, remember to always follow the rules and be respectful of the dead . Leave the area as you found it as it is not yours to damage or litter.

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