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CDA Ghost Walk

To see more photos of this location,click on the link below:

Psychic Medium Jennifer VonBehren did a great job hosting her 1st Ghost Walk of downtown CDA. She had many interesting stories to share about the history of CDA and the many ghosts that still roam the old buildings. Did you know that Wyatt Earp once was deputized as a sheriff in town, when the town was quite rowdy with many saloons and bordellos.? As for the ghosts, Jennifer has first hand experience from when she used to own her businesses in downtown CDA and from recent days as well. Some of the many places with paranormal activity include The Roosevelt Inn,Pita Pit,Sherman Mall,Vault Coffee, The Masonic Temple and Shenanigans. The ghosts vary from a little girl to murdered men. During the tour, those who can see the ghosts, spotted a male ghost in the window above the Sherman Mall . Jennifer has not set another date for her next Ghost Walk as of today, but if you have a group of 10 or more people who would like to do the Ghost Walk, you can call 208-719-0064 and book your tour with Jennifer

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