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Boston Ghost Tours

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The east coast has seen its share of countless tragedies, murders, wars and deceases, that killed thousands of people. With such history, there are bound to be tours, that will tell you about them. Ghosts and Gravestones and Haunted Boston Ghost Tours will do just that. Most Ghost Tours that I have taken, are led by a person dressed in a period outfit. Theatrics and exaggerated stories are usually to be expected. Ghosts and Gravestones Tour will take you on a trolley to several locations ,where you get to walk around . Here are some of the places you will see. The Copp's Hill Burying Ground, the 2nd oldest burying ground dating back to 1659. There are 2003 headstones there, but the actual body count is about 10-11 000. Many of the headstones were used for the foundation of several nearby buildings.Several bodies ended up in the Charles River. There is said to be underground tunnels underneath the burying ground. The use for them is unknown. The Granary Burying Ground, the 3rd oldest burying ground dating back to 1660, is also on the tour. You will find several famous people buried at the Granary such as Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, Robert Treat Paine and John Hancock. Granary is located next to the oldest private library still standing, the Boston Athenaeum. A famous writer, Nathaniel Hawthorne used to study and work there. You will also visit the Boston Common,founded in 1634. It is known as the oldest and the largest unmarked burial ground in the N.E United States. The hangings were held there back in the day and as an example to people, the bodies were left hanging for the longest time. It also served as a British soldiers camp. They buried the dead on the sides of the camp in mass graves, some of which were discovered during the digging for the subway system. Today the Boston Common is a family park. You just never know what or who you are sitting or walking on. Both tours take you by the most haunted hotel in Boston, the Omni Parker House as well. The Haunted Boston Ghost Tour is a walking tour only. You will not see period outfits nor theatrics on this one. It is a tour based on facts. They will tell you about the haunted subway Green Line and you will go by the Central Burying Ground, that was established in 1754. You will hear about the vault system at the Central Burying Ground. This tour will not go into any of the burying grounds , but you can visit them during the day. Both tours are entertaining and have great stories. I do not recommend driving in Boston however. Instead, use the public transportation.

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