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The Ghosts of Ryan Hotel, Wallace, ID

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The Ryan Hotel was built in 1903. It went thru' 2 renovations: first one in 1933, after a fire next door and again in 2013. There are 13 large, clean and comfortable rooms, and one suite to choose from. All the rooms include complimentary coffee, delicious muffins,fruit and Wi-Fi. The owners have done a great job fixing up the place, and making it feel like a home away from home. The Ryan Hotel truly was a home for one of its resident ghosts, who after living there for 43 years, decided to come back and stay. Miss Dorothy L. Montgomery(1907-1998) was a school teacher at the Wallace Elementary School .She loved teaching children, especially the younger children. Although she was very no nonsense.not afraid to stand up for what she believed in and stern, flunking the whole class one year,people liked and respected her. She was an impeccable dresser, who always looked her best. A true lady. Other than nice clothes, she liked her cigarettes, church, card games with her friends and Thanksgiving dinners at a church member's home to the extent, that she never wanted to leave. Since the Ryan Hotel didn't have a TV, she went and bought one, so she can sit at the lobby, and watch her sports and people. She wanted to know,who was sharing the hotel with her. She wanted her room, room 11, to stay unchanged, even when the previous owner of the Ryan Hotel and a retired school teacher, Mike Aldredge, offered to add a bath room in room 11. When asked to describe Miss Montgomery, Mike Aldredge said 'She was a single,independent,always on time, careful dresser and a nice lady. I respected her teaching skills. She was a friend, and she is a piece of history". She will always be a piece of the Ryan Hotel's history undoubtedly. During our overnight investigation at the Ryan Hotel, along with Psychic Medium Jennifer VonBehren, Eric VonBehren, Becki Marks and Grace Altman from S.L.A.S.H., Miss Montgomery was very willing to communicate with us. And as Amy Lynn,once a student at the elementary school, said, Miss Montgomery had a witty and dry sense of humor,which became very evident during our EVP session using the flashlight with Miss Montgomery. She talked to us in room 11 and 16, which is another one of her favorite rooms. It has 2 chairs in it, that used to be in room 11. There are other spirits at the Ryan Hotel as well. Some of them may travel from room to room. Jennifer picked up 2 males and a female spirit in the laundry room, and a male spirit in another area of the basement. Upstairs in room 4, Jennifer saw a male spirit by the window, who prefers talking to men only.He also seems to like to make the light in room 4 to go in circles, Jennifer picked up a female spirit in rooms 3,5 and 8. Room 8 is very active. Becki had a hard time sleeping due to a constant commotion in her room.Her voice recorder picked up several bell sounds, that we can't debunk. We also picked up male voices in the hallway, room 7 and the Lobby area and a female voice in and by room 3. We caught a male and a female voice by the laundry room in the basement. Some people have seen male apparitions at the front door and coming out of room 8, a pilot and a man with a top hat. The spirits at the Ryan Hotel are friendly. It is a place, where they feel like home. Who can argue with that? We want to thank the owners of the Ryan Hotel [and Miss Montgomery}, for letting us "take over the hotel" for one night to investigate. Also a great big thank you to Amy Lynn, Mike Aldredge and the ladies at the Wallace Library for all your help and all the great stories about Miss Montgomery.

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