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Jameson Inn Restaurant and Saloon, Wallace, ID

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The paranormal activity of the Jameson Inn, built in 1907 by Theodore F. Jameson, has been well documented. The Inn is currently closed and for sale for those interested in a haunted hotel. Jameson has 2 separate units: hotel saloon and the restaurant, with 6 quest rooms upstairs. Thanks to the owners of the Ryan Hotel, and the owner of the Jameson, we were able to wander thru' all levels of the Jameson Inn with Psychic Medium Jennifer VonBehren, Eric VonBehren, Becki Marks and Grace Altman from S.L.A.S.H.. There is a lot of residual energy at the Jameson, especially in the bar area. Jennifer was able to see several spirits. There were 2 male spirits in the room behind the bar talking to each other, and another one in the kitchen, who likes to move things. The basement liquor room area had a young male spirit, who's name may be James or Jamie. We caught a female voice by the front staircase in the dining room side, and a male voice by the back staircase area. The 3rd floor has a male spirit, the old Inn keeper, who doesn't like people, and wants to be left alone. There are also 2 female spirits on the 3rd floor. We were able to communicate with one of them, who said she was Maggie. She was an older lady{which doesn't match all the stories on line}, and was happy to talk to us "kids", as she hadn't had company for a long time. She likes staying at the Jameson in her favorite room, room number 1{used to be room number 3}, and watch people thru' the window. She was funny and smiley according to Jennifer. She likes to stay on that side of the Inn. The other female spirit on the 3rd floor died at a young age. She feels confused and frustrated,as she has lot of issues. She harbors resentment for a man. In the bathroom down the hallway, the energy is not good due to something that happened there. People have seen apparitions of a woman, heard footsteps, some have been touched,doors slam and lock on their own, voices and noises have been heard in empty areas, lights come on and go off by themselves and some have seen reflections of a woman in a mirror at the Jameson. The Jameson Inn Restaurant and Saloon has great potential to become a great Inn once again, if you don't mind sharing the place with a ghost or two

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