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Jerome Grand Hotel

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Located high on the Cleopatra Hill, this 30 000 sq. feet, 5 story Spanish Mission style building was originally a United Verde Hospital, constructed in 1927 by the United Verde Copper Company for its employees. It was the 4th and final hospital in Jerome. It was also the highest structure in the Verde Valley, built to be fire proof, earthquake proof, and to withstand the explosions from the mines. After the mines closed and most of the people moved elsewhere, the hospital closed its doors in 1950. It was maintained, however, until the 1970's for emergency use. The building was placed on the National Register of Historical Places in 1966. In 1994, the Altherr family bought the old hospital, and it opened as the Jerome Grand Hotel in 1996. Jerome Grand Hotel is said to be the 3rd most haunted building in the U.S. During its hospital years it served all, including the mentally ill, and more than 9000 people died there. Like many old buildings, it has a great amount of residual energy, but it also has many spirits still, who wonder from room to room and in the hallways. Unfortunately, they no longer offer the ghost tour. Luckily, the staff was very helpful, and let us take a peek at the boiler room area, which is one of the hot spots for paranormal activity. Along with us once again, we had Becki Marks and Grace Altman from S.L.A.S.H. and Psychic Medium Jennifer VonBehren and Eric VonBehren. The hotel still has its original Kewanee boiling system and the 1926 Otis elevator. The most famoust ghost at the Jerome Grand is Claude Harvey, "Scotty". He was the hospital's maintenance man, a shy, mellow, nice and quiet man. In 1935, he was found pinned under the elevator, with a broken neck. So was it an accident? Well, if you believe the words of a ghost, it was a murder. By the boiler room area, there is an old office of a caretaker, who hung himself. According to Jennifer, he is very much still around and he had a lot to say. Jennifer described him as a short dark haired man with an accent and a strong energy. He travels around the office. He feels that he needs to keep a certain unstable female spirit, who used to work at the hospital, away from the lobby and the people. According to him, Claude was killed by a well dressed, clean cut, tall man who had a mustache. He pushed Claude. Now Claude likes to hang out by the elevator shaft and mess with the lights. We caught 2 male voices in that area. There seems to be some confusion about the caretakers death as well. He seemed bipolar, he drank a lot, suffered from depression and lost his temper sometimes, for which he apologized. He is confused as to how he could have possibly hung himself and tie the rope, while being so drunk. In the boiler room area, some have seen a female spirit as well. There are books at the front desk, where people have written about their experiences in different rooms and areas of the hotel. Room 32 is said to be the most haunted room. We did hear movement next to the bed in the middle of the night, when no one else was there. We also caught a male voice in that room and a female voice, who called my name. Jennifer felt, that this was used as a surgery room at one point. We were also told that in this room, a nurse gave illegal blood thinner injections to children during the Spanish Flu. Supposedly, a man in a wheelchair fell of the balcony in this room as well. Room 32 A is a beautiful and large room with a sun room. Jennifer felt that the energy was off in the sun room. People have been touched there as well. Oddly, when Grace stayed in this room, what seemed like small dirty shoe prints appeared on the left side of her bed. Jennifer and Becki heard children's voices from the empty hallway. Sometimes, things seem to get hidden in room 32 A and B. In 32 B, a woman passed away. It seems that she never left. She seems a bit unstable and is said to like to play with peoples' hair and then suddenly turn crazy. I experienced nothing during my stay in this room, except the room felt depressing. Some people overcame with sadness while staying here. In room 26, Jennifer had someone pull and press on her feet at night. A man was said to have died there of a heartattack. Jennifer picked up a female spirit there. People have heard talking, coughing, crying and footsteps in many areas of the hotel. Doors open and close on their own, pillows get stacked and covers pulled. Even a ghost cat has been seen and heard. Many male, female, and child spirits have been seen on all floors. The lobby area has its own activity as well. Jerome Grand Hotel is a wonderful old hotel, with a great restaurant and a spectacular view. You will definitely get your exercise walking into town and back up the steep hill. Parking space is limited.

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