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Ghosts of Phoenix, AZ

To see more photos from this location, click on the link below:

On our last trip to Arizona, we investigated 3 places: Hotel San Carlos in Phoenix, LON's at the Hermosa Inn in Paradise Valley and the Jerome Grand Hotel in Jerome. Unfortunately we won't be able to share our findings from the LON's due to a request of the management . You can find a separate post of San Carlos and soon the Jerome Grand Hotel on our site. To see more haunted locations in Phoenix, and to hear the history of them, we took a Ghost Tour with Marshall Shore, the hip historian of Phoenix, who runs the Haunted Bus Tour there. Marshall brought along 2 investigators of the MVD Ghostchasers, Debe Branning and Cindy Lee. Debe has written several books of the haunted places in AZ. Marshall's tours start and end at the Clarendon Hotel in Phoenix. Phoenix, the capital and the largest city in Arizona, was founded in 1867 and incorporated as a city in 1881. Several properties are listed in the National Register of Historical Places and some are also listed in the "enDangered Dozen Historical Places list" I will mention just a few places here, that Marshall's tour takes you to, but to hear full stories of each and see more haunted locations, join Marshall on his next Haunted Phoenix Bus Tour. What better time than this Halloween.

Please read the information of each location under the pictures. Use the link below the main photo for access to the rest!

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