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Mt. Washington Resort, NH

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I joined The Strange Escapes event at the beautiful Mt. Washington Resort in November 2016 for a great weekend of lectures and investigation. Here are some of the findings from the investigation at Mt. Washington Resort. To investigate, we split into 5 groups and rotated between 5 places. We started at the Crawford Cemetery where Dana and Greg Newkirk, the curators of the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & The Occult, joined us with one of their cursed items, "Billy." We were able to obtain couple EVP's(electronic voice phenomena) at that location. Next was the haunted room 314, the Princess Room, where Grant Wilson from the Ghost Hunters conducted another EVP session with us, and gave us some great information from his own experiences. During our stay in 314, I was poked on my right arm twice, and another lady felt a chill on her left arm when no draft was present that could have caused it. One of the devices, 360 parascope, went off couple times during that time. Next stop was the Conference Center Presidential Wing lecture room, where illusionist Aiden Sinclair from the Stanley Hotel divided us into 2 groups. Each group had its own experiences. Aiden found that when one side was having communication, the other wasn't. We were able to have communication using the flashlight, not only by the spirit turning it on for us, but by actually rolling the flashlight several times. The floor was level and had no vibration that could have caused it. Next stop was the Bretton Arms Inn, where Adam Berry from the Kindered Spirits and Ben Berry greeted us. Earlier on, Adam and Ben had obtained 2 EVPs. One was by the main floor dining room saying, "Get Out," and the other was an answer to the question: "Do you live here?" The answer was yes. In room 48, where a person had passed away, we were able to communicate with the spirit using the flashlight. An EVP, "Stay" was captured, as well. Adam also mentioned that the music on the main floor seems to turn on and off by itself. The last stop was the Stables, where John Tenney, a researcher, lecturer, and author joined us. I went in the tack room and immediately was able to connect with a spirit. Then, I moved in the area where the old carriages were, and the spirit was very eager to talk using the flashlight. I also obtained 2 male EVPs during the session. Based on the answers, I believe I was talking to a stable boy. I stayed in room 353 for 4 nights, and was able to get spirit communication with a female spirit on 2 of the nights using the flashlight. I had room 353 distant reviewed by psychic Jennifer VonBehren, and according to her, there was a female and a male spirit there, who do not stay there. Then, I moved in the haunted 314 for one night and got a very lengthy flashlight session later that evening with a female spirit, who claimed to be Princess Carolyn. I later had psychic Jane Stewart distant review the Stables, and she confirmed that there was a young male spirit there who was holding a pitchfork, and wearing suspenders and a funky hat. Jane also confirmed that there was a female spirit in the haunted room 314, who was dressed in the clothing from the 1800's. She had on a long light blue or maybe grey dress with a white dress apron. There was also a male child there. They were not related, but had bonded. Jane also saw an imprint of some construction workers in 314. I caught a possible evp from 353 of a child and a male spirit. Based on the evidence obtained, it seems that Mt. Washington Resort is haunted.


The magnificent, Spanish Renaissance Style Mt. Washington Hotel, the largest wooden structure in New England with a steel infrastructure, is located in a little town of Carroll in Bretton Woods,NH. The construction started in 1900 by a wealthy businessman, Joseph Stickney(1840-1903), who made his fortune in the railroad and coal industries. The Grand Opening was in1902. As many as 50 trains daily brought guests to one of the 3 railroad stations at Bretton Woods to enjoy the many amenities Mt. Washington Hotel had to offer. It had its own telephone system and a Post Office (still operating). Joseph Stickney passed away suddenly in 1903, leaving all his properties and businesses to his second wife since 1893, Carolyn S. Foster Stickney(1862-1936), making her a very wealthy woman. In 1913, Carolyn married a French Prince, Aymon De Faucigny Lucinge(1862-1922), in London, England. She spent summers at Mt. Washington Hotel, and winters in Europe in one of her residencies. She was well traveled, a great entertainer, and a generous soul, who was decorated with the Crox de Guerre with palms for her philanthropies in France during the World War. Princess Carolyn passed away in 1936 at her residence in Providence, RI, leaving Mt. Pleasant Hotel, which was purchased by Mr. Stickney and Pitman in 1881, and Mt. Washington Hotel to her nephew F. Foster Reynolds. Mt. Pleasant Hotel was not worth the expense in Mr. Reynold's opinion, so it was demolished by 1939. Mt. Washington Hotel closed its doors in 1942 due to many factors, World War II being one of them. In 1944, Bretton Woods International Monetary Conference was held at Mt. Washington Hotel. Delegates from 45 nations convened, establishing the World Bank & International Monetary Fund. Mt. Washington Hotel changed ownership several times over the years. In 1975, Bretton Woods Corporation bought the hotel, and in 1978, it was listed in National Register of Historical Places. In 1986, it was awarded National Historic Landmark status. In 1999, after many repairs and additions, the hotel opened for the first time during the winter season. The hotel has since gone through many renovation projects. In 2009, a new 50,000 square foot addition was completed, which included a spa and conference center. The hotel is now owned by the Omni Hotels and Resorts, and its name was changed to Omni Mt. Washington Resort. They have historical tours you can take to learn about the hotel, or you can do a self guided tour following the informative little booklet you can obtain when checking in.

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