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The McPike Mansion in Alton, IL

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Said to be Alton's most haunted house, this old Italianate Victorian style house was built in 1869 for Henry Guest McPike [1825-1910]. It was a 15 acre site, known as Mt. Lookout. Henry was a horticulturist, a businessman, librarian, developer of McPike Grape, and a mayor of Alton during 1887-1891. At some point in the early 1900's, as the year isn't known with certainty, the house was owned by Paul Laichinger, who possibly rented its rooms out. Paul passed away in the house in 1945. After the 1950's, no one occupied the house. It was vandalized and became quite deteriorated. In 1994, Sharyn and George Luedke bought it in an auction and were planning on, and still are, fixing it to its former glory, but they were not able to get grant money to help them in their quest. The house was put on the National Register of Historical Places in 1980. There are several stories out there as to who haunts the place. Most of them bear no truth, but Sharyn Luedke believes, from her personal experience, that Paul Laichinger is still there. She also believes that one of the old servants, named "Sarah," is also there. People who have been there during the investigations with Alton Haunted Tours, as well as others, have seen light anomalies, figures in the windows, and mists. People have been touched, have smelled perfume and cigarettes when no one is there, and have heard sounds of children running. There is said to be 2 unknown graves in the backyard. The wine cellar is known to be the most haunted area. Hopefully, one day we can all go inside and tour this great old house.

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