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The Elms Hotel and Spa

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During my last trip with Amy Bruni's, "Strange Escapes," I decided to stay at a haunted Elms Hotel and Spa in Excelsior Springs, MO. Before going to this hotel, I contacted the hotel ghost tour guide Jay to see which rooms he recommends, as there are several rooms that have paranormal activity. My 1st room was 352, where the furniture is known to stack up on its own. According to psychic Jane Stewart, who distant reviewed this hotel, this room has a female spirit. I recorded no activity. The 2nd room was 347. Jane picked up a scruffy looking male spirit who may have had a head injury. He likes to stay in the dining area of the suite. This room is great. I highly recommend it. No activity was recorded. The 3rd room was meant to be 425, the most active room in the hotel, but unfortunately it was given away. Instead, I stayed in 501, which is located on the private club level floor. As I put the key in the lock, green light lit up for access. However, something seemed to be in the way of the door opening. After a 3rd try, the door finally opened.( I had no issues with the lock after that} Someone had switched rooms, and the staff had not restocked new soaps etc yet, so maybe the ghost maid was trying to tell me the room wasn't ready. In all 3 rooms, I had an issue with the safes. In some rooms, the electronics go haywire due to spirit interference. The psychic picked up the same male spirit in 501 as in room 347. He likes to roam and people have seen a male spirit in this room before. I was able to get some communication with this spirit during an EVP session. I was told that the male ghost may be named David. He confirmed this. Those of you who have used a device, called the Ovilus, know that it doesn't give out full sentences very often, if ever, or this is at least what we have found. As I was sitting on the bed talking to "David," the Ovilus said, "baby please stand." Not solid evidence, but that was funny. About 5 min after I had turned in, I felt someone on the bed next to me pulling the covers. Then, there was a loud bang, as if someone had left the room. People have seen apparitions, shadows, dark masses, heard sounds of children and voices when no one else was around. Psychic Jane Stewart feels that the hotel is active, and has many ghosts. She saw a young boy running in the hallways and staircases. I do recommend you take the ghost tour with Jay. He has lot of great stories to tell. All the staff is very helpful. Jerry Nevil, the front office manager, used to do the ghost tours, and was happy to share his experiences and stories with me. He loves people, and it shows. A big thank you to Jay and Jerry for all your help, and for sharing all your great stories with me. Here are some of the rooms that have activity. Remember, just because someone experienced something, doesn't mean you will. Never provoke the spirits. Always treat them with respect. Jay, the tour guide, has seen 3 female apparitions. Some only partial, which is common. In 422, there was a murder suicide and the TV seems to have a mind of its own. There has been activity in rooms 447, 415, 438, 315, 212, 214, and 215. In room 300 ( Truman suite), people have seen a female spirit, and a spirit called Michael,who likes to lock the bathroom door sometimes. He has also been seen in the elevator. On the 3rd floor, some have seen a grandma looking for her granddaughter, as she goes knocking on doors. There is also a woman who sometimes pulls peoples hair and throws things. The tavern, women's bathroom by the lobby, and the banquet rooms have had activity as well. A 5 year old little boy who drowned and his wet footprints have been seen in the lap pool area. There is also a female spirit, the boy's mom, who wishes the boy would go with her. He wants to stay though, as he feels it is his responsibility to protect the kids. A male spirit has been seen as well; A gambler got shot by the hot tubs during speak easy. According to Jerry, a psychic told him that one of the men shot was buried in the tunnels, and he is still there. Jerry was also told that there are 2 portals in the Elms Hotel. One is on the 5th floor, and the other by the lap pool. There is also a male ghost outside by the pool fence, who got hung. He likes to tend to the gardens. When in town, go check out this great hotel, take a ghost tour and stay a while. Maybe you will be lucky enough to see a friendly ghost or two.

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