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Ritzville Carnegie Library

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The first library in Ritzville, WA was created in 1902 by Daniel Buchanan, who donated 268 books to the town, and operated above a store. With the help of Andrew Carnegie, a Scottish American industrialist and one of the richest Americans, a new library was built in 1907 and named after him. The Ritzville Carnegie Library was placed on National Register of Historic Places in 1982, and is still operating today. By the request of Heidi Harting, in charge of setting up adult programs in the library, we did a paranormal presentation and a walk thru' with psychics Jane Stewart and Stacy Moore at the library. Joel Bell, the custodian, filled us in on the paranormal activity in the building witnessed by him and his family members. It included hearing voices, footsteps, lights acting up, being touched, smells of perfume, and seeing shadows. The psychics immediately picked up on a female spirit in the library. She was wearing dated clothing and worked there as a librarian. They felt that she had committed suicide. There were also several Boy spirits getting into places they shouldn't be and playing tricks on people. They also sensed a strong male presence there who comes and goes. He was maybe in his 70's. He has a mustache and a dark hair. Down in the old furnace room, there was a younger male spirit hiding in the corner. We captured 3 possible spirit voices in the old furnace room, one belonging to a child, the other to a male spirit, and another possible female spirit voice. But due to so many people talking in the building at the same time, we cannot be sure if the voices were echos from upstairs or possibly outside. We want to thank Heidi for inviting us over, and Joel and his family for sharing their experiences with us. We also want to thank all the people who came to hear us and for sharing their stories with us. We are looking forward to sharing more stories with you from this great little town of Ritzville,WA, and its wonderful old buildings and their ghosts next year.

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