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Strange Escapes Event

To see more photos from this location, click on the link below:

I attended Amy Bruni's Strange Escapes event in the beautiful Mt. Washington Resort in NH. What a great resort and event. Amy did a wonderful job organizing this event. The guest celebrities and speakers included Adam Berry, her co-star in "Kindered Spirits" show on tv, that airs on Fridays. Adam and Amy were also both in the Ghost Hunters show. Grant Wilson from the Ghost Hunters, beautiful and talented singer: Raven Quinn, a comedian: Mike Brody, Dana and Greg Newkirk with their Travelling Museum of cursed artifacts,Ty Gowen from the online show, "Haunted Me", psychic: Chip Coffey, John Tenney, and an illusionist: Aiden Sinclair, were also among the guest celebrities. The lectures were quite interesting, and gave a different view of the paranormal. All the guest celebrities were friendly, willing to answer questions, and take pictures throughout the 3 day event. We investigated 5 locations at Mt. Washington Resort including Bretton Arms Inn, Crawford Cemetery, Presidential Wing, Stables, and the Princess Room. Amy has planned several events for Strange Escapes already for the remainder of this year, and some for next year as well. I highly recommend these events. You get to investigate with some great people, see awesome haunted places, and have fun. Thanks Amy and co. See you next time.

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