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Anniversary Inn Bed and Breakfast

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If you are looking for an absolutely unique, romantic ,cozy, take your breath away kind of place, this is it. The Anniversary Inn in Boise has it all. It is one of the 4 locations they have to offer. They have several different themed suites that you can choose from. There is more than one of each, except the Biker Road House is just one of its kind. No matter which one you pick, you won't be disappointed. All the rooms are open in the morning for you to be able to take a peek inside. Complimentary breakfast, cider, and cheese cake is included, and is waiting for you when you arrive. You can also do add-ons such as chocolate covered strawberries in different packages they offer. They even have some rooms that have spirits in them for those who like to have some extra excitement. Suite # 34 has a male spirit who visits occasionally. Suite #5 has an old woman spirit, and #28 has a male spirit. You can go on their web site to see all the different suites they offer . For more detailed info on the haunted rooms, read Jennifer Von Behren-the medium's blog about the Anniversary Inn. While in Boise, check out the Old Boise State Penitentiary as well.

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