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The Old Idaho State Penitentiary (Part 2)

To see more photos from this location, click on the link below:

We returned to the "Old Pen" for a 6 hour investigation with Grace Altman (S.L.A.S.H), Becky Marks(S.L.A.S.H), Jennifer VonBehren (the psychic), and her husband Eric. You can read the full history of the place and see over 80 great pics of the prison on an article we posted previously. The prison was very active. As we walked in, there was a female spirit whose name was Cora, waiting for us. As the spirits see a psychic, they will try and get her attention, so we had some following us throughout the place. One of them was Harry Orchard aka Albert Horsely, who assassinated former Governer Frank Steunenberg. Harry spent 46 years in the Old Pen, the longest sentence by any inmate there. In the Women's Ward, Jennifer saw a red haired younger female who seemed confused. On the Franks Box, there were several female voices. One of them said she was in cell number 8. The psychic also heard a baby cry, so we asked if the inmate had had a baby and she said yes. Following that, we heard someone say baby and the female inmate confirmed it. In the main building, we got the words "dress off" thru the Ovilus. The psychic was wearing a dress, as it was a very hot day. Since we were in the male side of the prison, that came as no surprise. There is residual energy throughout the whole prison. Some of it wasn't very pleasant for the psychic to see, as there had been murders and stabbings, etc.. The laundry room area was one of those places. There was a deep voiced male spirit there who was making a lot of noise. In Siberia, there was an inmate in one of the cells that touched Jennifer's hand. She could also hear scratching from one of the cells. In cell house 4, we saw shadow movement and there was an inmate in cell 2. In cell 8, someone told Jennifer to "come here." In cell house 2, there was a lot of residual energy, as well as active spirit energy. We were able to have flashlight communication in the only open cell with an inmate who had committed suicide. Apparently, he wasn't the only one who ended up with the same fate. In cell house 3, Jennifer heard a lot of banging. There had been a fight there as well. Cell house 5's Death Row area still has inmates that linger, one of them being Raymond Snowden. He said that his cell is mismarked. It is the one next to the one marked as his. He didn't seem to care much for women. The psychic felt that he had killed more than one person. She also felt that they had possibly added weight to his feet when he was hung. In the maximum security area below, we were able to communicate with an inmate in cell number 2 with a flashlight. His name was James. He was an" Italian type" of guy with a white shirt and a cigarette rolled up in his sleeve. She felt like he was dangerous and not a nice person, but he seemed happy that we were there. He was cussing as he was trying to move the flashlight, but couldn't. Harry came by and helped turn on the flashlight. They were actually arguing over who got to do it. We also caught a lot of children's voices. There were several younger boys as inmates in the Old Pen. For more detailed information on the psychic's encounters during our investigation you can read her blog at Jennifer VonBehren -medium.

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