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The Palomino Club & Event Center

To see more photos from this location, click on the link below:

The Palomino Club & Event Center business owners, Marc Fechter and Wendy Jordan, asked us to go investigate the Palomino, as there had been several people who had seen a male apparition and felt a female spirit there. We went in with a psychic, Jane Stewart, to see if she can validate what they had already seen. The psychic was able to pick up on a male spirit, who was banging things around, as he was frustrated. He had left someone behind, due to his sudden death. The psychic also picked up on an older female spirit, who was very focused on her work and apparently liked to do the dishes, in the kitchen. We then conducted a full investigation, and were able to validate that there was a male and a female spirit at the Palomino from several EVPs captured in various areas. We also picked up a young child's voice on several occasions. One of the spirits communicated with us using the flashlight. The psychic assisted the adult spirits as they were both ready to cross over. Check out the web site for The Palomino ( for upcoming events and Performing Arts classes. You can book your holiday parties and weddings here as well. They have plenty of room, a big dance floor, and several bars for refreshments. Marc also has a audio and video recording studio if you need assistance in any of that. (

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