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The Ferris Mansion Bed and Breakfast in Rawlins, WY

This absolutely beautiful 8000 sq ft. Queen Anne style Victorian home was built in 1903 by George Ferris. Unfortunately, he never saw it finished due to his tragic death near one of his mines before the mansion was completed. His widow, Julia Ferris, completed what he had started. Julia and George had 7 children, two girls and five boys. The two girls died when they were young, one at age of 10 and the other at age of 1. Cecil, one of the boys, was only 6 when he died. He was accidentally shot by his older brother in 1903. Julia passed away in 1931 at the age of 76. The Ferris Mansion is said to be haunted. There have been footsteps, voices, shadows, poltergeist activity and apparitions reported. Apparitions of a lady in white have been seen in the kitchen area and the parlor. An apparition of a young boy, believed to be Cecil, has been seen as well. In the carriage house next to the mansion, which now has renters in it, there have been sitings of ghost children as well. The mansion has several beautiful rooms you can rent. During an evp {electronic voice phenomena} session in the Gold Room, we asked Julia to tell us which room in the mansion was her favorite; she answered green. As we left, I asked the owner which room Julia stayed in, and she said the green room. As we were sitting in the parlor, we saw shadows that we found no source for, infront of the room where a woman had passed away. We also captured male and female voices with our voice recorder. The Ferris Mansion is beautiful inside and out, and the owner makes the most wonderful breakfast. Stop by and see for yourself, if it still is open, as it was for sale last summer. It is also very close to the Wyoming State Penitentiary, which is also haunted. Both places are well worth the visit.

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