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St. Ignatius Hospital in Colfax, WA

St. Ignatius Hospital, the first hospital in Whitman county, was founded by the Sisters of Providence in 1893. It got started in a small frame house ( former Batt residense) on top of the hill south of the present hospital. Mother Joseph, architect by trade, supervised the construction of the new building, which was completed in 1894. The west wing was added to it in 1917, and the east wing in 1928. When The Whitman Community Hospital was built in 1968, Roy McDonald purchased the old St. Ignatius Hospital, changing its name to St. Ignatius Manor. It then housed developmentally disabled adults until it closed in 2003. It sat empty for over 10 years until it was sold to new owners, who are planning on turning it into high end apartments. S.t Ignatius Hospital has 5 floors and a basement. In the early years, due to no mortuary in the county, the space under the hospital was used as a morgue. We had a chance to investigate it before the tours started. In a walkthru with the psychic, she was able to sense several spirits, and her descriptions of them matched the patients who had lived and stayed in those particular rooms and areas throughout the hospital. We were able to capture female and male voices, as well as voices of children. We also caught a possible apparition with our full spectrum camera. The 4th floor most likely has the darkest energy of the whole place, rooms 408 and 407 in particular. They were locked from the outside. Something bad happened in them, according to the psychic. Those who visit that area should clear afterwards, and verbally tell the current "occupants" that they are not allowed to follow you home. There are several areas in the hospital that have bad energy, and bad things went on in them. For example, we caught a male voice in one of the rooms saying, " I'll kill you." Some feel heavyness in places, get touched, and have an uneasy feeling and feeling of being watched. Voices and noises can be heard, and some see shadows moving when no one else is around. The psychic saw a woman looking out a window when no one was in the building. St. Ignatius Hospital is definitely haunted. It has many tales to tell, and holds its own secrets only known to some. If only the walls could talk.

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