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Downtown Colfax, WA

Colfax was established in 1870. The Palouse Indians were the first to inhabit the area. It has seen its share of floods and fires that destroyed mills and houses. In the early days, Colfax had many hotels, bordellos and saloons just like many other old towns. Thanks to Valoree Gregory,The Executive Director of Colfax, we were able to do a walk thru with a psychic of some of the old buildings on the Main street. Also, a huge thank you to the owner of the JC Penny building, Joel Warwick, for taking the time to tell us about the building. It was the first one we walked thru. The psychic felt there was an older woman with a long blond hair. She was a lady of the night who likes men. She also likes to sing and is very chatty. Joel had heard a female voice in the basement while working there, yet no one was in the room. People have seen a blond haired woman by the window upstairs. We caught a female voice on our recorder, which could be her. There is also a young, dark haired boy on the 3rd floor. Sounds have been heard when no one else is around, and some have smelled a cigar smell and flowers. The 2nd building we walked thru was the old bordello next to the Masonic Temple. It has some residual energy, and some have seen a man in the back corner. He is most likely from the Masonic Temple side, which itself has activity. Thanks to the help of Mr Mike Rizzitiello, we were able to walk thru a building that had the first hotel in Colfax: The Ellis building from 1893, which was also part of the Red Light District back in the day. The psychic felt there was a big, tall, and dark male upstairs. There are also two rooms connected by the stairs going down that had a bad feeling about them. Something bad had happened in them as well. The psychic saw a person looking out of one of the windows. Some people are not able to go all the way upstairs, for they feel the negative energy is too much to bear. Hopefully we can share some more stories with you of this fascinating old town at a later date.

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