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1,000 Steps

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1,000 Steps is located on the second terrace of the Greenwood Memorial Terrace cemetery. The Elks Lodge #228 of Spokane, Washington was formed in 1892. It had 43 members. In 1898, they purchased land from the Greenwood Cemetery for the Elk members to have their own burial grounds. Twelve-crypt private mausoleum, with a bronze elk figure on the top, bronze gates, and a bronze clock with bronze hands frozen at 11 o'clock, a tradition for the Elks to honor their death on the eleventh hour, was built and a long set of stairs from the street where the street car stopped leading up to the mausoleum. Unfortunately, the mausoleum was never occupied . In order to pay off debt, the Elks had to sell their property, which unfortunately included all the bronze features of the mausoleum. The only thing that was left were the bronze hands of the clock, which no longer are at 11 o'clock. The Elks abandoned the burial grounds at the cemetery, including the mausoleum and the steps leading up to it. Today, the mausoleum is covered with graffiti, and it seems to be nothing but a storage building. The steps are all broken up to the point where they are dangerous to even climb during the day light hours. Thousand steps has become a popular place for kids to hang out, after all, it is well known for its paranormal activity. It is said that satanic rituals where performed there, and many have heard voices, and have seen faces and apparitions when walking up the stairs. Some are said to not be able to climb all the way to the top, due to the spirits who guard the place and prevent them from getting there. Those who are more sensitive are said to feel the heaviness of the area. We have investigated this area many times, and every time we have been able to record a male voice by the mausoleum. On our last visit to the 1,000 Steps, we had a psychic with us. Being at a cemetery, there are many restless souls that wonder. She was able to sense a male spirit by the mausoleum, and she felt his name was possibly Peter. As she walked by the graves next to the mausoleum, she suddenly got chills and that usually means that there is a spirit near her. She was standing in front of a grave that belonged to Peter. At the same time, we caught a male voice on our voice recorder (posted on Facebook). She felt that Peter is a guardian of the grounds there. That day, I believe that we had two male spirits with us there. We also used a new device called the XCAM or SLS camera (Used by the Ghost Adventurers as well). It detects anomalies. In front of the mausoleum, it showed a figure. We asked it to raise its arms one at a time, and it did. Unfortunately, we weren't able to record it. We also caught a female voice on the stairs once that said, "Help me," but the stairs mostly have residual energy: imprints of people walking up and down the stairs. If you plan on visiting this area, make sure to do so before the gates close at dusk. At night, there are security guards there that won't appreciate trespassers. The stairs are too dangerous to climb, so my advice to you is: don't attempt it unless it's light out. The ghosts will be there at all hours of the day, so let's all keep it safe, and follow the rules this Halloween.

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